TikTok 2020 Election Coverage

Photo from GeekWire

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm during this polarizing year. The platform has become extremely popular for comedic skits and viral video trends. TikTok has also become another tool for journalists to use as a means of getting information out to the masses.

I created a comedic TikTok relating to the Presidential Election of 2020. The TikTok contains footage of President Trump playing golf and President elect Joe Biden giving his celebratory speech after winning the election. According to news sources, President Trump was playing golf when he heard the election results.

TikTok is the future of trendy videos that end up going viral. The future of journalism has another great avenue to use to get the job done.

Hi my name is Darius Porter and I am a senior at the University of Houston! I graduate this fall so this is my last semester. I moved from Japan back to Houston